Best 7 SexRole Play Games

Introduction to sexual role-play

So, you want to spice up the bedroom and try something new?! Sexual role-play is a great way to learn about you and your partner’s desires while having fun, not to mention how it will spice up your sex life! Role-playing is for everyone so don’t worry if you’re not Hollywood’s next It-girl because so long as you’re open-minded and want to explore you will find that creative expression with your partner can lead to more closeness and unique intimate interactions.

You can begin by thinking about what turns you on. It could be anything from someone you’ve fantasized about in the past or something that made you horny. Then talk about your sexual ideas with your partner and co-create hot scenarios based on what turns both of you on. You can also add props, costumes, and or add accents. Once you have some idea of what characters you want to play with, you can explore with the top sexual role-playing games!

Role-playing games explained in detail

Adding a sensational element to the bedroom.

By adding props that are made with various materials you may bring new sensations to the play. This could be anything from a feather to a fan blowing on the backside or frontal area of your partner during the sexual interaction. This is a fun way to add various feelings to your role-playing experience. You may want to try something made from leather, rope, or something soft and silky. It’s fun to add this to your role-playing scenario as it can intensify it and add to the experience. Another kind of sensational element is playing with the temperature of the space. Other tactile sensational elements could be a fun way to increase the intensity of the experience. Play around with aromas and aphrodisiacs.

Add some kink elements

Every person may define “kinky” slightly differently as it can be anything from hardcore BDSM such as whips, chains, and a sex swing, or something lighter like spanking or scratching softly. When it comes to role-playing games, you can make it kinky if you’re interested in age play, daddy role, and or submissive and dominant elements to your sexual scenarios. One important tip to keep in mind when doing something new is to help yourself and your partner feel more comfortable. For instance, you could incorporate a safe word or creating clear parameters and/or boundaries.

Play with abstaining or prolonging when you or your partner climaxes

Another popular role-playing game element is for one person to be in control or to tell their partner when it’s okay for them to cum. People who have a domination type inclination often fantasize about a partner taking control of their orgasm. By abstaining and playing with timing when it comes to cumming, when you or your partner eventually do cum it will be plentiful.

Making an audio recording of your next sex session

Always make sure you have consent before recording and if you do, it can be a great game to hear your sex session after the fact. It may also make you horny when you do listen to it and serve as a means to get it on in that manner again! Pull up Voice Memos on your phone and let the recording happen. If you want to take it a step further, you can make a homemade video of your session. Keep in mind that 100 percent consent is necessary. Afterward, you can watch your sex tape and get off on changing the role-playing scenarios to make it more fun to watch next time.

Fantasy generator

Sometimes you may not know what to bring up or try out as a role-playing scenario. Luckily the world has this wonderful thing called the internet that has suggestions for the top fantasies to play around with. You can use these ideas and run with them. Meaning you and your partner can add other elements and ideas to the traditional role-playing ideas and finish the fantasy in any way that makes you both smile! A few roles that you may want to run with are the doctor-patient dynamic, a stranger in the bar dynamic, rich-poor dynamic, teacher-student dynamic, and or babysitter-based scenario.

Sexual Dice

If you want to skip the imagination and creative natural flow and go straight to some naughty action, you could turn to sexual dice. Sexual dice is a dice game intended to heighten the sexual environment and increase foreplay and flow. If you have characters in mind for a role-playing session, you can add the dice game to break the ice and explore with your partner uniquely.

Enjoy exploring your sexuality fully by adding these role-playing games to your built characters and shared ideas with your partner. Talk, share, and grow in your intimacy and truly spice up your sexual interactions!

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