Housewife as sex fantasy

What’s So HOT about the Housewife Sex Fantasy?!

Did you know that one of the most popular sexual fantasies includes variants of the housewife? From Stepford wives to MILFs, there are many ways to enjoy role-playing and venture into sexy unchartered territories using the housewife as your sexual persona. So why do so many people enjoy the housewife sex fantasy?! Simply put, it’s hot!! Whether her husband doesn’t know what she’s up to when he’s out of town due to work and the sexy and athletic pool boy comes over to offer her a sweet release or a housewife slaved over the stove all day making a home cooked meal to perfection and tidied up the house to make it spotless when her husband comes home, she gets the attention and affection she deserves with a big screaming orgasm! No matter what turns you on about housewives, you can easily explore various scenarios and sex fantasies that will make you feel connected with your partner in an intimate thrush of lusty energy!

Sexual Role-Play is fun as you roll into your sheets and play with words, toys, and various scenarios. You can talk with your partner and co-create a bunch of hot housewife scenarios to get you started. If nothing is coming to mind or you feel a little shy to let loose and talk it up about what truly turns you on, follow these tips or try asking your partner a few open-ended questions to see where their sexual interests lay.

Tips to ease you into sexual role-playing fun

You may be thinking, how do I just be vulnerable about my sexual side without making things awkward or uncomfortable?! If so, these tips may prove to be beneficial. All you have to do to begin is to use open dialogue. Talking about the ideas and subject matters that turn you on including the sexy housewife or other specific ideas or scenarios, will bring you closer to your partner because by doing so you are being playful and vulnerable. This is also an opportunity to learn more about what turns your partner on and that’s exciting! Ask questions and go with the flow and you will easily find some common ground to work with. Then you can try talking out sexy scenarios about swinging housewives or a lonely housewife that is looking for someone like you to fuck! Whether you and your partner talk during a sexual encounter as the roles that turn both of you on or you take it a step further by adding elements such as costume and scenario development, this is a great way to build trust and of course to cum closer together!

Housewife Role-Playing Scenario ideas

There are many ways to explore the housewife sexual fantasy and you should feel free to use your imagination to give you a boost of ideas. You could also play around with control dynamics. Perhaps the person playing the housewife is subservient to the role of husband. Maybe she cleaned the house immaculately and then when the husband comes home, he spills his drink and tells her to clean it. She bends over and some naughty touching ensues.

Another potential housewife scenario to explore makes it so the role of the wife has the power or dominance. She could tell the gardener or handyman exactly what to do from non-sexual to sexual actions. You could play around with a role-playing scenario of being a swinger couple and the housewife fucks the neighbor. As you can tell, there are hundreds of ways to explore sex and the housewife fantasy so be sure to try whatever it is that makes you feel happy, horny, and connected with your partner.

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Housewife as sex fantasy

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