Role-playing as sex fetish

As daunting as the fetishes may seem, the truth of the matter is that many people’s curiosity leads them to explore new and unique ways to sexually relate to others. A fetish is a form of sexual desire that gives gratification to the individual based on a specific item, object, or idea. There are a plethora of fetishes and each fetish may have several subcategories.

This blog post is all about the fetish of role-playing. We’ve all experienced role-play throughout our lives. We see actors and actresses do so in our favorite TV shows and movies and we also see it as children. However, sexual role-playing adds elements of acting out a sexual fantasy while interacting sexually with another person or people. Usually, each person involved plays a different role or character. Below you may read about the various types of sexual role-play. No matter how different someone is to you and what their erotic inclinations happen to be, it’s best to live a life free of judgment and remember that consent is always a very important factor to consider before any sexual play.

Verbal sexual role-play

One of the most basic forms of sexual role-playing is 100 percent verbal. This could look like chatting about a fantasy or co-creating a new fantasy with your partner. You may even play a role or a character and remain in character while interacting sexually. Verbal role-play can be considered the beginning step of getting into the fetish as it often leaves out the costume and prop usage and the main focus is on the story-telling aspect and communication exchange.

Uniform role-play

This is the most common type of role-playing as it usually involves each person pretending to be someone other than themselves. One example of this is that one person could play the horny babysitter and the other person is the naughty parent. Uniform role-play may use costumes and other elements to make it more lifelike, but it also may simply be a cerebral expression.


A simple definition of a person who identifies as a furry is a person who has an interest in anthropomorphic animals or animals that have human qualities such as speaking or having a human-like body. Some people who have this fetish dress up in fursuits and have sex. That means at least one person is dressed up in full furry gab. There are several reasons why people may have this fetish such as their fursuit allows them to feel as though they are someone else.

Age Play

While age play may be also categorized under verbal sexual role-play, it’s another way to interact sexually using a role to lead the sexual scenarios. Both partners can pretend to be an age than what they are. A few examples of age play are the daddy-daughter dynamic and the baby experience when one partner truly wants to be treated like a baby and may even dress up or act the part in various ways. This could be considered as one of the most radical forms of role-playing and can also be referred to as paraphilic infantilism.

What’s interesting about fetishes is that they are often connected, and some fetishes may lead to others. It’s a complex web of endless possibilities. Role-playing allows you to be creative and to try something that isn’t happening in your day to day typically and can truly help to bridge sexual gaps and misunderstandings. Having clear boundaries and open communication is important no matter what you like during sex and exploring safely with your partner is recommended especially if curiosity is there.

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